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For Year 9 Students

On this page you will find information relevant to year 9 students.

We are delighted to hear that you are interested in applying to Kungsholmens Gymnasium!

International Section Programmes

If you wish to apply to any of the programmes we offer, please visit Gymnasieantagningen (external link, in Swedish).

If you do not at present attend a Swedish school you can apply using our application form (PDF, in English). 

School transcripts of grades and attendance at non-Swedish schools should be attached. Any other relevant information should also be included in a letter as an appendix.

Upper Secondary School

The International Business Programme, English Language Economy Programme.
The Natural Science Programme, English Language Natural Science Branch.

The Social Science Programme, English Language Social Science Branch.

Minimum Entry Qualifications

The Natural Science Programme, English Language Natural Science Branch: 290 points.
The Social Science Programme, English Language Social Science Branch: 292.5 points.

Individual Choices and Language Choices

Individual Choice and Languages (PDF, some course descriptions in Swedish).

Specialization Courses.