Till innehåll på sidan

Time off Requires Permission

All absence except for sick leave requires an application for Leave of Absence 14 days in advance.

Apply for Leave of Absence through Skolplattformen:
Skolplattformen (Student)
Skolplattformen (Guardian)

The school maintains a restrictive policy towards applications for Leave of Absence and you are the one responsible for not falling behind in your studies. You cannot expect opportunities to take missed examinations due to absence and will not be offered any additional teaching or other support. The Student and Parent are responsible for missed course work as well as for notifying all teachers affected by the extent of the leave.

If leave of absence is granted it simply means that the absence is not considered to be without permission.

Leave of Absence for a particular lesson; decided by teacher.
Leave of Absence up to three days; decided by mentor.
Leave of Absence of more than three days; decided by the Head and granted only in exceptional cases since it is inappropriate from a study point of view.

Also observe:
Driving lessons during school hours are not allowed.
Dentist’s appointments should be booked outside your school timetable. 
Vacation trips are not allowed.

Leave with permission will be registered in our student attendance system.