Terms and Holidays

Posted below is the information from the Stockholm City web page for terms and holidays, allowing for changes. 

Please always use the school's own calendar first for your planning 

Spring term 2018 

Ascension Day: May 11th
End of study year: 13th of June

Autumn term 2018 

The study year begins: 20th of August (Year 1), 22th of August (Year 2 & 3)
Holiday: 1-2nd of November 
Last day of term: 20th of December 

Spring term 2019 

First day of spring term: January 9th 
Sports Holiday (w. 9): January 25-28th and March 1st 
Easter Holidays (w. 16): April 15-18th 
Ascension Day: May 31st 
End of study year: June 3–17th 

Autumn term 2019 

The study year begins: 12–23rd of August 
Holiday: October 31st – November 1st 
Last day of term: December 20th 

Spring term 2020 

First day of spring term: January 8th 
Sports Holiday (w. 9): January 24-28th 
Easter Holidays (w. 15) April 6-9th 
Ascension Day: May 22nd 
End of study year: June 1–15th