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Sustainable Development

The course in sustainable development provides students with an overview of the three areas important for a sustainable world; the society, the environment and the economy. We work with the conflicts and synergies between these three areas, discussing issues and offering solutions.

How can we protect our rapidly degrading environment without halting economic and social progress? How can we lift people from poverty without overusing the Earth’s valuable resources?

The course provides students from both the social science and natural science programs with the opportunity to come together and work with each other, sharing knowledge from their differing perspectives and areas of study.

Through a combination of seminars, group discussions, field trips and classroom activities, the course provides a varied and proactive learning experience. We teach from a broad range of perspectives, drawing on models and theories from biology, chemistry, social science, geography, economics and even psychology. Goal four of the sustainable development goals for 2030 is to provide quality education and promote lifelong learning, and this is a goal that we also hope to achieve within this course.