Student Union

The Student Union is an organization serving all the students. A committee is elected every year and co-operates with the Principal and other school officials in a number of questions. It also has representatives in the School Conference. The Student Union welcomes ideas and suggestions from the students, and is a link between the students, the Principal and the Parents’ Association. 

Visit The Student Union website (external link).

Current representatives are:

Lucas Berglund

Beri Aydin

Alice Fabre

Cassandra Theorin

Head of Associations
Johanna Jiffer

Administrative Manager
Leonard Heiman

Andrea Schmidt


Executive Manager
Olivia Taha

Head of Influential Committee
Ella Otterbeck

Head of Social Committee
Erik Wirdemark

Head of Sports Committee
Oscar Glas

Head of Project Committee
Agnes Tingström

Head of Graduation Committee
Nathalie Sandberg

Head of Marketing Committee
Julia Nordahl