Student Influence

The school has two main missions: one is to communicate knowledge and the other is teaching about democracy.  

Democratic competence develops through active participation and influence, and you as a student have the right to influence what happens in the school. By participating in the Class Meetings and in the School Conference, you have the opportunity to influence what happens in school.   

Student safety representatives represent you and other pupils regarding work environment issues, participate in the school's Samverkansgrupp - a monthly meeting between the school leadership, the staff’s Trade Union representatives, and the staff Safety Representative.  

Students have an important role in the school's Common Values Group and also participate in the school's Food Committee. The Student Union and its various associations are also important for student influence. Become involved and influence what happens at school! 

Policy For Dealing With Student Points Of View

Policy for dealing with student points of view on teaching and teachers (pdf, in Swedish).