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Someone to talk to

We are two welfare officers who work here at Kungsholmen. Micaela Darliden who is responsible for the International Section, and Charlotte Weintraub who is responsible for the Swedish and Choir sections.

As a student, you are welcome to make an appointment with us if you have personal problems or difficulties. For example, the school situation, relationships with family, friends, schoolmates, or how you feel. 

We can help you by being a conversation partner for a period of time to support you in finding new solutions. We can also provide contacts to other aid agencies. 

Financial support 

If you have questions about student funding such as funds or student financial aid, you can ask us.

We are responsible for information about some of the scholarships that you as a student can apply for during your time in high school. More information is available on our site for scholarships. We also inform continuously about the new application period for the scholarships on the school website, Skolplattformen and on the notice board outside Charlotte Weintraub's office. 

How to contact us 

You can contact us either by phone, email or the mailbox outside Charlotte Weintraub's office. Provide your name, class, and mobile number. We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. 
You can find us on the second floor along with the school nurses and career guidance counsellor. 


Micaela Darliden
International Section
Telephone: +46(0)8-508 380 43 
Works Monday-Wednesday

Charlotte Weintraub
Swedish and Choir Section
Telephone: +46(0)8-508 380 38 
Works Monday-Friday