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The School

Kungsholmen’s Gymnasium/Stockholm’s Music Gymnasium is a Swedish municipal Upper Secondary School in Stockholm. It includes a large International Section. Stockholm has offered English language tuition since 1973. Today the International Section at Kungsholmen consists of 14 classes, where English is the working language used for instruction and communication.

In each year there are 3 Natural Science classes and up to 2 Social Science classes. The school is a meeting place for students from Sweden and many other parts of the world. We hope to attract students who are interested in global issues and co-operation.

In Sweden it is compulsory to complete the 9-year comprehensive school which pupils usually begin at the age of 7. The gymnasium is separate and non-compulsory, although almost all 16 year olds continue with a 3-year programme of studies.

Gymnasium in Sweden is not necessarily the same as the 10th, 11th and 12th school years in other countries. Our students are 16 to 19 years old.

Those coming from foreign school systems can be admitted directly to the gymnasium if they have attended at least nine full years of schooling from the age of 6 and can demonstrate a comparable level of knowledge and skills necessary for studies at this level. This includes a grade in Swedish which is required in order to study at a Swedish gymnasium.