Scholarships you can apply for at the moment

1. Foundations for the schools in Stockholm:

You can apply for a scholarship from these foundations between 16/8-15/9.

You can get all the information you need on Stockholms stads website,

the list of foundations, instructions and application forms.

2. The Foundation of Anders Otto Swärd and Ulrika Eklund:

If you want to apply for this scholarship you have to be a Swedish citizen, a bright student and have a difficult financial situation at home. The Foundation must have your application before the 1st of October. You need a certificate from your mentor about your character and your suitability for your study programme. The welfare officer has to sign your application, which you find on swä .

3. The Foundation of Axel and Sofia Alm

The Foundation needs your application before 15th of October. You’ll find all the information and the Application Form on . You need to have passed your courses and have a difficult financial situation at home.


Be on time!

Good luck!

Lotte Bellander