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Scholarships and Funds

During your studies at Kungsholmens Gymnasium there are various scholarships and funds you may apply for. Our welfare officer, Lotte Bellander, is responsible for all scholarship information at the school.

The application periods vary and are shown on Skolplattformen, on the notice board at the welfare officer's office, as well as on the school website under Current Scholarships.

Since many applications are made by students, you must read through the instructions, complete and send in your application yourself. If you have questions, please contact Lotte Bellander.

Note that the information only includes the scholarships and funds from The City of Stockholm (Stockholms stad) and a few other funds. On the Stockholms Stad Foundation website (external link) you will find further information together with application forms and instructions. Some funds are open for everyone to apply for, and some are means tested and depend on your parents’ income level, which must be on a level that entitles to financial support from Social Services. You must look through the various funds available to see whether you meet the requirements for applying, carefully complete the form and enclose any documents or details that reinforce your situation and motivate you as a beneficiary.

Under the List of Funds you will find the funds and foundations dealt with by our school counsellor, generally with an application period due in spring, where the income level of your parents is the only motivation sought. However, should there be particular reasons as to why you are a suitable beneficiary, then these should be declared as well. Application forms, fund descriptions etc. are to be found on the relevant web site.

Under Find funds on your own you will find tips on how to find scholarships which are not offered through the school counsellor.

Rotary Scholarships

The Rotary Club of Western Stockholm has established a means tested scholarship for pupils of Kungsholmens gymnasium/Stockholms musikgymnasium. The purpose of the scholarship is to support the upper secondary school education of pupils challenged by their family’s financial situation.

Challenging economic background is where the family is entitled to financial support from Social Services and the same will be revised by the school counsellor. The highest amount payable is 2000 SEK and the scholarship can only be received once during a study period.

Valid costs to apply for are those directly connected to schoolwork, such as purchasing dictionaries, pocket calculators or contributions to study trips.