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Power And Empowerment

Power And Empowerment


The Purpose of the course is to study different Power structures based on e.g class, gender, ethnicity, culture and economic strength on Micro as well as Macro levels.

The goal is to equip you with tools to understand, interpret and influence your life as well as the World you live in. The Power concept is problematized and discussed from a variety of different perspectives: Political, Sociological, Economic, Psychological, and Linguistic.

The Course offers opportunities to focus on Guatemala as a theme where students can go in-depth on study areas connected to Guatemala. We have established contacts with schools and organizations in Guatemala and, which we also visit in a trip that students can apply to join. The trip is partly paid for by scholarships.

Work forms: Lectures, seminars, external lecturers, study visits, Cases. Students also form and plan their own "Empowerment Project" connected to the Diploma Project.


  • Voluntary work (Study help, Studiehjälp, Helping people in exposed positions, coaching).
  • Spreading awareness writing articles, blogging, lecturing).