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A short history of Kungsholmens gymnasium

The forerunner to Kungsholmens Gymnasium was known as Ulrika Eleonora Skola, and was founded in 1672 in response to the rapid increase in population in the Stockholm region.

Unfortunately, the original building was lost in a fire a few years later, in 1679. The school had its activity severely limited and was nearly shut down in the years following this.

Between 1701 and 1868, the school was located on Garvargatan 4-6, a street very close to the school’s current address on Hantverkargatan, and during this time the name was changed to Kungsholmens lägre elementarläroverk.

In 1842 the Swedish Parliament decided to make elementary school compulsory.

For the parish of Kungsholmen, which at the time was very poor, this meant that a grade school with teachers educated through seminars couldn’t be established until 1867, and when it did, the elementary school was closed a year later.

In 1904 the Stockholm General Council decided to grant 882,000 Swedish Crowns to construct a four story school building on Hantverkargatan. Georg Ringström, architect, was entrusted with creating the blueprints, and in 1907, the building as we know it today, was complete.

A grand inauguration was held on February 1, 1908 in the presence of His Majesty King Gustav V, Crown Prince Gustav Adolf, Crown Princess Margareta and Prince Eugen.

On July 1, 1929 the school became an upper secondary school, gymnasium. The official name at this point was “Högre allmänna läroverket å Kungsholmen”.

In 1968 the need to take a final graduation exam in order to become eligible for further studies at institutes of higher education was removed, and replaced with certificates of final grades. The application process to upper secondary education was also revised, so that anyone who wished could apply.

Between 1970-1984 the school was re-named Kungsholmens Gymnasium, and on July 1, 1984, the upper secondary students at Adolf Fredrik (with choir classes) moved to Kungsholmen, creating Kungsholmens gymnasium / Stockholms Musikgymnasium.

The above facts were taken from the book “Kungsholmens gymnasium / Stockholms Musikgymnasium – en pigg hundraåring", Editor John Toler