List of Funds and Foundations

The Stockholm City Funds and Scholarships

The criteria depend on the fund. Some correlate to the economy of the parents whereas others are particularly for residents of certain neighbourhoods. Yet others aim to encourage pupils in their studies or to contribute to study trips.

Enclose grades and birth certificate. In addition, if one intends to apply on the grounds of the economy of one's parents, a more thorough means inquiry is necessary.

The application due dates vary from year to year! For the autumn term it falls some time during the month of October and for spring in February.


Foundation of Pontus Nohre

Criteria: met means test standards and passed studies

Enclose: spring term grades and parents' final taxation draft

Application due date: June the 20th


The Gålö Foundation

The criteria are passing a means test, a yearly income of below 450 000 SEK/500 000 SEK, a national registration in Greater Stockholm and the applicant is not yet to have turned 30 years of age.

Enclose drafts of the applicant's birth certificate, parents' final taxation, grades and a mentor's recommendation.

Due date for applying falls on February the 1st.


The Foundation of Anders Otto Svärd and Ulrika Eklund


The criteria are the passing a means test, having a troublesome economic situation, being a Swedish citizen and a talented student.

Enclose the pupil's birth certificate, parents' final taxation draft, grade documents and a mentor's notion.

The due dates for applying falls on the 1st of February, on the 1st of May and on the 1st of October. The scholarship can be obtained twice during one's studies.


The Foundation of Axel and Sofia Alm

The criteria are the passing a means test - a yearly income of below approximately 400,000 SEK, the applicant's not yet having turned 23 years of age and as for grades all passes.

Enclose the parents' final taxation draft, the applicant's birth certificate, grade document and mentor's attest.

The application due date falls in September/October.


The Donation Fund of Gustaf and Ida Unman

The criteria are the passing a means test – need of financial support. Good study results.

Enclose: grades and a mentor's attest.

Application due date: mid February; varies.


The Telephone Director Foundation

The criteria are the passing a means test, good study results and a Swedish citizenship.

Enclose: grades, birth certificate.

Application due: by the end of March.


Study Fund of the Ida Sohlberg Foundation

The criteria are the passing a means test, only boys need apply and orphaned own priority.

There is no particular application form but you write your own describing your family situation and attested by headmaster, mentor or school counsellor. Enclose your parents' final taxation draft and your grade documents.

Your application is due by the beginning of March.