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Lending policy and borrower responsibilities

From August 2016 new students do not need a library card. When you borrow your first book you enter into a contract with the school and undertake to follow the rules of the library. As a borrower you are financially responsible for all materials checked out from the library. The policy may change during the time of the contract. You are responsible for keeping yourself informed of the lending policy and adhere to it.

When you wish to check out materials from the library, you need to present your personal number (or library card for third year students).

If you already have a library card: The library card is a personal document. As a borrower you are financially responsible for all materials checked out from the library; therefore, theft or loss of your library card must be reported immediately in order to have it cancelled. Any change of name or phone number must always be reported to the library.

Returning books to the library

Please visit gymnasiebiblioteket.stockholm.se (external link) to see books and other media that you have borrowed. It is your responsibility as a library user to make sure that the books or other media that you have borrowed are returned at the latest on the date that they are due back at the library. You are responsible for all loans until they are checked-in by the librarians. All books must be borrowed through the library, including textbooks and fiction set books, and must be returned to the library. Never return books to your teachers!

Replacement liability

You can replace lost or damaged books with equivalent copies or by paying the replacement fee. If you have replaced a book by payment you are not entitled to ask for the money back if you then return the book. 

Parents are responsible for their children's loans (children under 18) and can therefore be obliged to refund lost or damaged books borrowed by their child. 

How to extend loans

Please visit gymnasiebiblioteket.stockholm.se (external link) and log in with your personal number and PIN-code. You will be able to see all of your loans and will be able to extend them. If you've forgotten your PIN-code, please contact the library.