Language Introduction Programme

Develop your knowledge and prepare yourself for future challenges!  

Language Introduction Plan of Studies (pdf)

The Language Introduction Programme is intended for students aged 16 to 20 who wish to study at a high school level but are currently missing grades in required primary school subjects.  

Language is one of our most important tools, and it is a great advantage (both for future studies and for work) to be able to communicate in a proper and relaxed way. We want to give you the best opportunity to strengthen your language skills.  

Apart from English you'll have the opportunity to study other primary school subjects like mathematics, social studies, sciences, art and physical education.

When you choose the Language Introduction Programme at Kungsholmen's gymnasium you are choosing a school characterized by diversity and tolerance. The school also has many associations and sports clubs and plenty of after school activities and events.  The school offers an exciting environment where students speak English in the hallway and where choir students rehearse between lessons. As a student you'll follow an individual schedule, receive a student laptop to use during your time with us, with teachers who also teach other programmes and courses at the school.

The programme is approximately 1 to 3 years long and, once completed, will give you the knowledge needed to study at an upper secondary school of your choice.