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Knowledge and Culture for an Active Influence in a Globalised World

Kungsholmen’s Gymnasium/Stockholm’s Music Gymnasium is a school characterised by
diversity and tolerance. It aims to develop student knowledge and skills which will enable
them to meet the challenges of the future. Students are prepared to take responsibility for
and to influence decisions made about the future of society. This is necessary to ensure
sustainable development on a global perspective.

Our students are changed by the knowledge they acquire. They learn to think independently, critically and to reflect.

Our students can also interpret questions from a social science perspective, a natural science perspective and an international perspective and they know that the different disciplines also enrich and stimulate each other.

Our students know that knowledge is evolving all the time and that they will continue to learn throughout their lives.

Our students go out into the world with knowledge and skills to actively influence the sustainable development of society in the long term. They understand how their own and other people’s actions have significance in a global context.

Kungsholmen's Gymnasium is an international school with students and teachers from many countries around the world. Diversity is a resource – we make the diversity in the school visible. Diversity and tolerance also involve awareness that every individual is important, and that diversity gives strength.