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Global Health And Development

The aim of the course is to give a broad and in-depth knowledge and understanding of factors behind disease, epidemics and health, and their connection to development in different parts of the world, with special focus on Africa South of the Sahara. The course also aims at giving gender and human rights perspectives on factors behind development. The course is about studying complex issues with an interdisciplinary approach, which will be suitable for both S/ES-students and N/EN-students.

Themes and topics in the course

Defining and measuring global health

What is health? What is global health? UN Millennium Development Goals. Medical vs. public health. Challenges to global health. Health determinants.

Development - Focus Africa

What is development? Sustainable Development. Global population growth and Ecological Footprints. The continent of Africa at a glance. History of development in Africa – from slave trade to globalization. NGO’s, Foreign Aid and Development Co-operation.

Pathogens and disease

Structure, function, life cycles and transmission of disease causing microorganisms.

Historical and contemporary importance of diseases to human populations and societies.

The burden of disease. Eradication and control of diseases. Sterile techninque and cultivation of bacteria.

Water, Sanitation, Health and Development

Water stress and access to clean water and its impact on health and development.

Water-borne diseases.

HIV/AIDS and Development

HIV and its effects on the human body. Living with HIV/AIDS in Sweden and in Southern Africa. The effects of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

Human Rights, Gender, Health and Development

What is Human Rights?

Sexual and Reproductive Human Rights, Sexual violence in conflicts.


Working methods

Lectures, guest lectures, in-depth studies individually and in groups, seminars etc. The course will be held in English, with the possibility of using material in Swedish and having Swedish-speaking guest lecturers. Students from the Swedish section will be allowed to turn in written assignments in Swedish.


Partnership Zambia

The course connects with Kungsholmen’s gymnasium’s partnership with some schools in Zambia.