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Documentary production; changing the world with media, film, and literature

Media has been influencing society for generations, from the plays of Ancient Greece to today’s internet revolution. It has revealed to us the conflicts between science and religion, has given rise to both feminism and the demand for racial equality, changed the political landscape, and created the environmental movements of today.

Immerse yourself in a cross-curricular course that shows the development of social and scientific criticism throughout history, reading landmark plays, novels and other texts, watching films and documentaries that have helped to change the world. Sometimes for the good, but sometimes not. Last, but not least, you will have the opportunity to record your own documentary film in India, which will be shown at Kungsholmens gymnasium's very first documentary film festival!

The course

You will learn how to:

  • Study film, literature and other media from different critical perspectives, such as feminism, eco-criticism and post-colonialism.
  • Understand the connections between media, society and scientific development
  • Understand different texts and cultures in their scientific, historical and social context.
  •  Discuss landmark documentaries and learn how to create your own together with your course-mates, with the opportunity to do so in India.

Course content

We will choose a variety of works, some chosen by the teacher, some by the student. The media used will come from many languages and be studied in either Swedish or English, or both, where possible. The course will also include various study visits, including the Stockholm Film Festival in November.

Who can apply?

The course is open to all students reading social science and natural science programs on both the Swedish and the International sections. The course will be taught in both Swedish and English (50/50). Places will be offered on a trip to India during the spring term, depending on availability. If you choose to travel you will be expected to record a documentary in India and agree that it will be shown at KGs film festival and other school contexts.

Diploma project

You can choose between a written diploma project or produce a documentary film in cooperation with course-mates, with a shorter diploma project. There will be places available to travel for those students who wish to film a documentary about social or environmental aspects in India. You will have to finance some of the cost of the trip yourself.