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The Archaeology Specialisation Course is for students of both Social Science and Natural Science.

During the course you will take part in excursions and study visits, meet archaeologists from Uppsala University, and learn how to work with the latest tools and methods in order to answer questions about how humans and their environment have changed over time with special focus on recent research within Egyptian archaeology. You will participate in laboratory work, seminars and lectures, read about Archaeology in both Swedish and English, from how to determine the age of an artefact, how the Earth’s climate has changed to how and why humans have thought in the ways that they have.

The course also includes a trip to Sparta in Greece during the spring where we visit excavations, archaeological sites and ruins like (World Heritage Site) Mystras, Ancient Sparta and the rocky outcrop and citadel, Monemvasia in order to learn about the history and culture of Greece from ancient times to the present day.