It is no longer possible to apply to the IB program at Kungsholmens gymnasium. The IB program has been moved to the International School of the Stockholm Region (external link).

Students must choose which of the programmes they wish to take when they apply for admission. Those who wish to apply for admission to more than one alternative should do so on the same application form.

Students applying from a Swedish school should use the normal form to apply to the Swedish Gymnasium, which can be obtained from the Guidance Councellor. If applying by internet please note that the International Section (IS) is listed as a separate alternative with its own programmes.

If you do not at present attend a Swedish school you can apply using our application form (pdf).

School transcripts of grades and attendance at non-Swedish schools should be attached. Any other relevant information should be included in a letter as an appendix. Residents in Sweden must submit their application by February 15. Applications from abroad are accepted after this date. However, places may not be available for late applicants.

Applications to year 1 should be submitted directly to Gymnasieantagningen (external link), which administers intake for all upper secondary schools in Stockholm. 

Applications to year 2 and 3 may be made directly to the school.

When you fill in the application form, please indicate the order of preference when choosing languages and also how many years you have studied the languages previously.

The Board decides on preliminary admission grade averages in late April. Final acceptance is made by July and is dependent on the submission of final grades in June. Applications for students in families planning to move to Stockholm are kept on hold. No formal decision about acceptance can be made until official residency is established with the taxation and census authorities.

For further information, feel free to contact us directly