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Student Union

The Student Union is an organization serving all the students. A committee is elected every year and co-operates with the Principal and other school officials in a number of questions. It also has representatives in the School Conference.

Parents' Association

The Parents’ Association works for good cooperation between home and school. We promote pupils' well-being and team spirit, encourage their cultural interests and help them to implement activities.


KZINE is an online newspaper run by and for students at Kungsholmen’s Gymnasium. The purpose is to promote free speech and to keep you updated on everything happening at KG.


  • 09:30-03:00 Open School Day
  • All day Donning of the Caps pm
  • All day Holiday
  • All day NT En5 Del C
  • All day NT En6 Del C

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  • Honung & citron-marinerad Quornfilé med klyftpotatis och tzatziki, Honung & citron-marinerad kyckling med klyftpotatis och tzatziki

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